The GDV „Gas Discharge Visualisation“ Technology

The „Gas Discharge Visualisation“-Technology (GDV) is able to measure and to analyse biophysically the radiated energy field of
• the human being (see pictures left) or
• organic and inorganic substances

For the effect verification of GIE® Water on living organisms, the GDV method represents in this context a quantum jump:
For the first time, short-, mid- and long-term effects of GIE® Water on the bio energy field can be measured and illustrated comprehensively on living organisms.
Link: Study Activated Water examined with the GDV method

Thus bio energies (both physical and mental) can be linked up with appropriate organs/ organ systems. This way the energy and health state can be determined.

Technologically, the GDV Method is based on the Kirlian Photography, however it applies new scientific know-how like fibreglass optics, digitalized TV matrix as well as digital image processing. Compared to the Kirlian photography, the energy field (photon radiation), emitted from humans or materials, can be measured and analyzed thereby substantially more efficient.

GDV: Photon radiation of a finger
GDV: Digital Sector Analysis
GDV: IT supported interpretation towards the human organism

The GDV-Technology has been developed by Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (scientifically recognized pioneer in Biophysics). It was officially approved as medical equipment in January 2000 by the Russian Ministry of Health. Therefore it represents standard analysis equipment of Russian hospitals.

Outside of Russia the GDV Method is successfully applied as analysing device in various European and American university clinics as well as by regular medical physicians, psychotherapists and traditional therapists.

Furthermore, the GDV Technology represented the crucial qualification method for the jewellery Basic Help® (with a specific combination of jewels caved in silver the self-energy field of humans can be influenced positively) on the two most important international inventor fairs:
- IENA („Ideas, inventions, news) Nürnberg, Germany: Gold medal 2006
- Exhibition of Inventions Genève, Suisse: Silver medal 2005

Lien: GDV International


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