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Our following local Network Partners are at your entire disposition - please choose according to your residence:

• Switzerland:
   • German Part of Switzerland
   • French Part of Switzerland
   • Canton Jura
   • Italian Part of Switzerland  
• Germany:
   • Germany - Nordrhein-Westfalen
• France:

   • France (entiry territory of France)

• Baltic States:
• Spain:

   • Spain
• Asia:
   • Cambodia
• South-America:

• North America:
   • USA
• Pacifique Sud - New Caledonia, New Zealand + Australia
Pacifique Sud

For all remaining countries and regions we are happy to help you from our Head Office in German/English/French/Spanish: Contact



Representative Office Western part of Switzerland /France:
Fencienne et Benoît Saint Girons
Les 8 - Oasis Centre Sarl
26 rue de la Corraterie
CH-1204 GENÈVE / Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0) 22 320 88 86
E-Mail: ben@oasis-centre.com
Web: www.les.net

Fencienne and Benoît Saint Girons:
Fencienne and Benoît Saint Girons develop since 2002 a consequent vision of Wellbeing through their "Oasis Centre", a centre of natural therapies, a professional school and a showroom for innovative solutions... but also thourgh their books and their portal www.les8.net & www.lemieuxetre.ch.
Their influences ranging from Chinese Energetics (TMC) to naturopathy passing Taoist philosophy/spirituality and the fight against pollution and inequalities - all areas in which water - miraculous expression of nature - occupies a central place. It will be pleasure to meet you!
Representative Office Western part of Switzerland /France:
rue Robert Adrian Stierlin 41b
CH-1217 Meyrin / Schweiz
Phone: +41 (0)22 788 22 29
Mobile phone: +41 (79) 601 40 18
E-Mail: e.vuillemin (at) giewasser.ch

Eric Vuillemin:

Our representative in Geneva in the Western part of Switzerland and France.
Sensitivity, perseverance and 30 years of sales experience are Mr. Eric Vuillemin qualifications.

Representative Office Western part of Switzerland /France:
Florian Gross
Rue de Chêne-Bougeries 41
CH-1224 Chêne-Bougeries
Tel: +41 79 746 93 90
E-Mail: florian.gross@bluewin.ch

Florian Gross:
Our second representative in Geneva in the Western part of Switzerland and France.



Representative Office: Switzerland - Canton Jura

Serge Heusler

Rue de Vergers 101 (Le Crêt 101)
CH-2932 Coeuve

Tél: +41 32 466 74 48
Mobile: +41 79 759 91 16

E-Mail: serge.heusler@bluewin.ch
Web: www.homeco.ch



Representative Office Italian part of Switzerland - Canton Ticino:


Via Campagnadorna 22b
CH-6852 GENESTRERIO / Mendrisiotto (Svizzera-Ticino)

Mobile : +41 76 3375023
E-Mail: idroclima@hotmail.com


Representative Office
(General Importor France

Eric Girard
Tel: +33 (0)3 81 44 34 97
Cell phone: +33 (784) 95 27 57

7 rue Mermoz
F-25140 Charquemont



Our representative for France in the region of Franche-Compté (French part of Jura).

Eric Girard, founder of cooperative RÉS'EAU PRO RAI'SON D'ÊTRE, heating and sanitary installer is a specialist of treatment of water and wastewater for more than thirty years. Eric has followed several formations in order promote bio construction. Practitioner of Reiki and magnetizer, he understands the quality of water and
energy as the basis of life.


Representative Office BENELUX:

Christophe Carrette
Avenue des Crocus 5
B-1640 Rhode Saint Genèse / Belgique
Tel: +32 (477) 60 29 80

E-mail: christophe.carrette@h2obenelux.be
Web: www.h2obenelux.be

H2O-BENELUX - Christophe Carrette


Representative Office - Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen:
Rengser Mühle
Niederrengse 4
D-51702 Bergneustadt / Germany

Phone: +49 2763 914 50
Fax : +49 2763 914 520
Internet: www.rengser-muehle.de

Maik Vormstein:

As from 2002, Maik & Stefanie Vormstein head the family business of the Hotel-Restauraunt „Rengser Mühle" in the 5th generation.
Since always the care of the guests with high-quality beverages and meals was in the center of the interest of the family Vormstein.
The discovery and installation of a Water Activation System into the tap water system of the Rengser Mühle was therefore logical consequence.
After the personal experiences were throughout positive, the family Vormstein decided to represent the GIE® Water Activation Technology for Proceeding GmbH in its region.



Representative Office Latvia:

Amritas Avots SIA
Brivibas str.103-2a
LV1-001 Riga

Ph: +371 673 64 254,
Mobile: +371 292 74 888
E-Mail: amritas_avots@apollo.lv
Web: www.shiva.lv

Amritas Avots SIA:

The Shiva’s Centre of Amritas Avots SIA offers Vedic knowledge that is rooted in Sanatana Dharma with lectures, seminars, video-lectures and webinars (Jyotisha Veda, Ayurveda, Samudrika Shastra, Raja Yoga, Laya Yoga, Mudra Yoga, Nimitta Yoga, Rasa Yoga, Sanskrit, Svara Yoga, Vaastu Shastra and others), Hatha Yoga classes for everyone as well as specialized classes for certain impairments (spinal, digestive etc.), Kalarippayattu (the ancient Vedic martial art), Ayruvedic cooking courses, Ayurvedic massages and treatments and consultations of Jyotisha Veda astrologers about any questions.

Looking for sustainable Water Treatment Technology and after profound testing, Amritas Avots SIA decided to to become Distribution Partner for the GIE® Water Activation Technology.

In the webshop www.shiva.lv, the interested client will find - apart Ayurvedic cures, mixtures, teas, and products, as well as Yantras, CD’s, components necessary for making Poojas and many other things - the GIE® Water Activation Devices in all sizes.


Representative Office Cambodia:
Yvan Perrin
Owner & General Manager

22b Street 1958/ Phnom Penh
Kingdom of Cambodia
Ph: +855 16 557 588
E-Mail: mekonggreenpower@giewasser.ch
www.waeinstitute.org www.creativecoherencefund.com


Mekong Green Power, located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is dedicated to sustainable solutions in:
• Green Power systems & renewable energies solution.
• Safe water and waste water.
• Green agriculture.
• Green building & certification
There are three groups of clients targeted:
1. Professional clients (hotels, (food) production, beauty treatment etc.)
2. Private clients
3. Rural villages

For rural villages, Mekong Green Power created the WAE (Water-Agriculture-Energy) Institute supporting sustainable development of rural infrastructures – giving in particular access to:
• Local & independently produced (electric) energy out local available biomass
• High quality potable water
• Local independent food production
• Training & education to maintain with own resources (manpower) the complete technical infrastructure

Looking for sustainable Water Treatment Technology and after profound testing, Mekong Green Power decided to set the GIE® Water Activation Technology as exclusive partner.
Furthermore, WAE Institute appointed Mr. Christof Braun, member of the board of GIE® Switzerland, into the Advisory Board – Department « Utilities Technology » of WAE Institute.


Exclusive Representation for the region:
Pacific South
New Caledonia,
French Polynesia, Australia + New Zealand

MAC EauRigine
Patrick. P

BP 12024 Magenta
12 Rue du 18 juin
98802 Nouméa
New Caledonia
Mobile phone: +(687) 92 39 10
Office +(687) 26 40 43
E-Mail: mustaffair@mls.nc




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