Viktor Schauberger - The movement of water

"People think I am crazy.
Maybe they are right. In this case it does not matter whether there is one more fool more or less on earth.
But if it turns out that I am right and that science is wrong, then God have mercy on mankind!"

Victor Schauberger           

Viktor Schauberger is the reference point for a large number of today's active scientists - among others Patrick Flanagan.

Résumé of the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger:

1. The natural movement of water is the ascending spiral.

2. By observing and copying nature Schauberger recognized in the "implosion" - the opposite of the "explosion" used by humans with negative balance - THE principle of power generation with positive balance.

3. The undesirable* materials turbulating in an ascending spiral are going to agglomerate into a spherical shape. This agglomeration takes place exclusively in the centre of the tube.

*: such as limestone for example.

Schauberger's life work

Schauberger was a child of the forest with the rare talent of being able to observe nature very closely. His motto was also: "U and C" (understand and copy nature) and this philiosophy accompanied him throughout his research career. The fact that he never went through a formal academic training was his largest handicap but at the same time it was his largest asset.
It was a handicap because he could hardly express himself in a scientific way nor was he proficient in mathematics (even today much of Schauberger's knowledge is unknown as he did not write this down to make it accessible to other people of his day or for future generations).
It was an asset because his revolutionary knowledge could have fallen into the wrong hands.

In the 1920's the Upper Austrian forester, hydraulician, hydrologist and inventor Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) developed an entirely different view of water as the "carrier of all life". As an "ecotechnologist" Schauberger also translated his amazing discoveries into fact and enjoyed Europe-wide success in hydraulic engineering, whilst his inventions for improving water quality created an international sensation. Today, after decades of obscurity, disregard and suppression, his discoveries are receiving the attention they richly deserve.

Schauberger considered that nature does not apply the "EXPLOSION" as a guiding principle, which is currently employed, but supported the opposing principle: the "IMPLOSION". This discovery led to the development of an energy producing device using water and air only (the "Repulsine").

Water, which he described as the "Blood of the Earth" and the "Carrier of all Life", was the starting point of his theories and led to the "Theory of the Movement of Water". Central to this was the influence of temperature. The subtlest variations in temperature, which even appear in the various strata of a water body deemed to be homogenous, influence the water's motion, its form of flow and its physical properties. From this research he derived his guiding principles for the construction of log flumes, dams and natural river regulation. With these ideas Schauberger stood in strong opposition to the then established doctrines which sought to steepen the river bed gradient through channel straightening and truncation. Today, more than ever before, it is precisely this that attracts strong criticism for a system of river engineering founded on a purely academic approach.

Viktor Schauberger's water research, pursued intensively until his death, led to further applications ranging from the production of water with properties akin to those of high-grade spring-water to the construction of a "healing water" apparatus; from the invention of special pipes with particularly favourable frictional characteristics to the conception of devices in the realm of energy generation - "biotechnical machines" which use water as the driving medium.

Viktor Schauberger was one of the first researchers who warned against the continuation of intensive forest and water exploitation. With his son, Walter Schauberger, he created in 1949 the first Austrian ecologist movement, "Grüne Front" (the "Green Front"), and opposed most vehemently, right from the beginning, energy production by nuclear fusion.
Schauberger was the pioneer of repairing rivers in a natural way and this pioneering work can be seen throughout the world today. His philosophy of accepting nature for what it is, is currently being adopted in science and technology today.
All of the future promising routes pursued by Schauberger have not yet been fully exhausted.


The forester, hydraulic engineer and researcher Viktor Schauberger developed, in the 1920's, a very new view of water: "support of any life". As "a biotechnician" Schauberger realised his impressive discoveries and became famous all over Europe with his success in the hydraulic construction industry. His discoveries concerning the improvement of water quality received worldwide attention. After decades of negligence his discoveries are now earning their due respect.


Viktor Schauberger was born on the 30th of June 1885 in Holzschlag, Mühlviertel, in Austria.
1919 – 1924:
Period of observation of nature:
Forester, inspector of forests, teacher of hunting,
imperial consul for hydraulic channels of transport of trunks.

1922 – 1928:
Hydraulic channels of transport of trunks in: Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria.
First patents awarded for work in hydraulic construction and construction of turbines.
Tests to obtain electricity directly from water ("water thread" experiments).
"Noble" water production (Edelwasser), fuel production from water.
Conversation with Hitler on agriculture and forestry as well as hydraulic construction. Schauberger declines to work for Germany.


1940 – 1944:
The "Repulsine" and "Repulsator".


Schauberger invents the "tube in spiral" device.
Awarded the patent: "Copper apparatus to work the Earth".
The "tube in double spiral" device is analysed at the Technical Institute of Health, Stuttgart in Germany.
A North American partnership offers Schauberger financial help for the practical investigation of the "Energy of Implosion". Serious differences arise during the course of the work. All the models and documents remain in the United States.
Death of Viktor Schauberger in Linz, Austria, five days after his return from the USA.



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