Peter Gross

"I know suddenly something and if I check it, it’s correct."

« The essential is invisible. » (at first sight for normal eyes)

« My aim has always been that neither persons nor nature shall be harmed by any result of my research and discoveries. The fulfilment of my dream can be shown, even measurably proved, in the development of my Water Activator. I became spiritual because of the results of my research. »

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Roland Plocher and Johann Grander, were for the 68 year old engineer and physicist Peter Gross, the pioneers in the development of his form of water energizing.
Their devices made him attentive to those phenomena and users are still astonished today. He experienced, as a convinced scientist at that time, that the impossible became possible:
sour milk was converted back to pleasant tasting milk by using a device charged by Plocher energy. This key experience gave Peter Gross the crucial impulse. He began to promote and sell these two product ranges from Plocher and Grander. Apart from the strengths of both systems also realised their weaknesses (insufficient protection against influences from outside and as a consequence a weakening effect). He began to conduct research for constructional improvements and to slowly develop his own form of water activation.


Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich together with Patrick Flanagan were the most important basic information sources and philosophical teachers for Peter Gross (as for most of the other 50-plus competitors present in the market). The mechanical engineer, who once trained at the Technical University in Hanover, regards the studying of these works as being the key for the development of his Water Activation Technology:
"I read them, reflected upon them, filtered out the essential information and then incorporated in my own ideas".

He likes to call himself "an independent private researcher without any lobby" (e.g. the pharmaceutical industry) - independent in what it makes, not in what it says. "I can not say all that I would have to say, otherwise I would offend the current laws". Above all the so-called German “healers law” stands in the way. Therefore, Peter Gross repeats underlining that he and his team are not therapists and only reports of users would show the published impact of his water activation technology. This is a form of self-protection which is standard practice in this industry.

Peter Gross sees the future of his research work within the field of industrial devices. In accordance with this spirit he is currently working on high volume equipment for groundwater processing and water purification technology. There he sees an enormous development potential.
He remains open for what finally will be possible in his further research work. He often knows something in the morning he had no knowledge at all about the previous evening.
"Who remains open, is given new knowledge", is how he describes his inspiring insight.
"I know suddenly something and if I check it, it’s correct."

Patrick Flanagan, who met Peter Gross in the Spring of 2005 for the first time, confirms Gross' “reception ability” for high-level technical knowledge and the extraordinary quality of Gross' water activation technology.

Whoever was born with such abilities also has the obligation to use it for the benefit of others is one of Peter Gross' convictions.
"That is a very special motivation, which does not allow me to be complacent". Peter Gross is active 16 hours per day because he enjoys his work. He emphasizes that he does not endure any stress within his work - he regards each minute of his activity as something of a blessing.
Often Peter Gross obtains ideas for his work from his close circle of friends. There are, according to him, many people with special abilities.
"Humans are the result of their interactions", describes Peter Gross the meaning of such contacts.


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