Usual tap water – solution approaches

Becoming more and more conscious about the problems concerning the world's water - e.g. limestone - solutions have already been pursued for some time now.

In the following, we would like give an overview - without claiming completeness - of the different ways of water treatment and the ways of energizing it:

The valuations made in the following table are to be understood as tendencies for strengths and weaknesses of the systems which work exclusively with 1 effect principle only.

There is a multiplicity of systems using several effect principles at the same time. The most widely known devices are available from Grander and Plocher.
The intelligent interaction of these single stages and an efficient protection against outside impact such as electro-smog are crucial for the total result.

The GIE® Water Activation Technology combines 15 principles of function in a unique way.

Water treatment approaches - Download Comparison table (xls)


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