Wilhelm Reich - Orgon energy

Doctor Wilhelm Reich is well-known as a psychoanalyst and his work concerning vegetotherapy. However, his major discoveries in biophysics were made inaccessible to the public for many years.

It was in the middle of the 1930's that Reich discovered the energy base of the all material. Primary and cosmic vital energy in other traditions also called Chi, Prâna or Ether . He named it "orgon" in 1947 (from Greek "Orgân": to glow heat). This energy circulates in our veins, glows in our 600 billion cells, exhilerates humans, plants, animals, water, the atmosphere, wind, the clouds, space, etc. Orgon is everywhere!



Wilhelm Reich was born on March the 24th, 1897, in Dobryzcynica in the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire. His mother tongue was German.
Wilhelm Reich attains membership of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society under the chairmanship of Professor Sigmund Freud.
Wilhelm Reich is Director of the Seminar for Psychoanalytic Therapy at the Psychoanalytic Polyclinic in Vienna from 1924-1930.
Wilhelm Reich is forced to leave Germany due to Hitler seizing control of Germany.Research into the biophysics of orgon and lectures at the Psychological Institute of the University of Oslo, Norway. He moves to New York to take up a position as an Associate Professor of Medical Psychology at the "New School for Social Research" in New York City. He moves the Orgone Energy Laboratory from Norway to New York.
The discovery of orgon.
The Wilhelm Reich Foundation is founded in Rangeley in 1949 by friends and students to preserve the Archives of Wilhelm Reich and support further research into Cosmic Orgon Energy.
The FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration ) initiates a complaint for an injunction against Wilhelm Reich and his Foundation to specifically bar the distribution and transportation of Orgone Accumulators across State lines as a medical device.
Court trials for Wilhelm Reich versus the USA concerning Reich not abiding by the 1954 Injunction. Wilhelm Reich was found guilty of contempt of court by a jury and was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. Wilhelm Reich appeals against this decision but loses the court appeal and is sent to prison in March 1957.
Wilhelm Reich died during the night whilst in prison in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. It was determined by a prison doctor that he died of a heart attack. His personal belongings, including a substantial amount of written material, which he had with him in prison were never released to his family.



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