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GIE ® Water Activation Technology

In the year 1998, a new dimension in Water Activation has been opened. Its effectiveness was most innovative and proven:
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Representing the basis for any form of life, Tap Water suffers heavily from impurities and missing respectively wrong movement in its quality.

Filtering > cannot get to these fine-material pollutants, being stored in water molecule clusters.
To affect water at its pollutants on a molecular level and to convert it into structured Water >, complete new approaches are needed:
1. Extreme Turbulation >
2. Frequency Transmission > on the Water and its pollutants
Both approaches are applied in the GIE ® Water Activation Technology in altogether 15 principles of function > (=PF):

- 8 PF of Extreme Turbulation
- 2 PF of Transmission of Frequency Spectra of Nature
- 2 PF of additional high grade Energization
- 1 PF for Alteration of the Water's lime-structure
- 1 PF for high grade Shielding against electro-smog
- 1 PF for Enrichment of the Water with oxygen (Ø 7%)

... result in a water with an outstanding refined molecular structure ... >

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Filtration has its technical limits: With Filtration we can eliminate to certain extend the rough material part in the water. This has however technical limits:

These large water clusters must be broken open in other way: There are two solutions remaining:
- Heating of the water on 400°C (very complex) or:
- Extreme turbulence (used in the here presented technology)

A water molecule has a diameter of about 0,15 Nano Meter
(=0,15 x 10-9 m)
A Micro-Cluster has about 4 to 8 water molecules.
Water Cluster burdened with pollutants: about 700 water molecules; Ø max. 5 Nano-Meter (=5 x 10-9 m)

A water cluster (approx. 700 water molecules with stored pollutants) in usual tap water has a size of max. 5 nanometres. Thus they are 3 times smaller than the pore size of a state of art reverse osmosis membrane (15 nanometres).

Consequence: Filtering cannot get to these pollutants.

These big water molecule clusters must be broken up in different way:
There are remaining two possibilities:

1. Heating up the water to 400°C (very demanding) or:
2. Extreme Turbulation, which is applied in the GIE ® Water Activation Technology in 9 Principles of Function.

From big clustered Water to activated/ structured Water:

The process from big clustered, non activated water to micro clustered, activated/ structured water can be realised via:
- extreme Turbulation (Input-Phase): Result: Micro cluster water ... and
- Transmission of Frequencies (Output-Phase): Result: activated/ structured water

- see also the following diagram:

Conditions for a stable Activation of Water:

For an effective and stable activation of conventional tap water the following conditions must be fulfilled:

1. Deletion of the pollutant frequencies stored in the molecular structure of the water leads to breaking up the large water cluster (700 molecules) into micro-clusters (4 - 8 molecules):
-> This goal can be achieved in two ways:
a) Heating of the water to 400°C - technically feasible only with great effort and it is not efficient from the point of view of energy.
b) Extreme Turbulation of the water (realised in the stages 1 to 9 of the
® Water Activation Technology).

2. Neutralization of the pollutants existing in the water leads to proper frequency loss. Thereby, the pollutants become, as in the case of the water, carriers of the imprinted, natural frequency spectrum:
-> This goal can be achieved in two ways:
a) Filtration: has, however, its technical limits in the producible pore size - see also Physical water treatment - Filtration
b) Extreme Turbulation of the water with the advantage that the former pollutants, now neutralized, can be used as a carrier structure for the desired frequencies to be imprinted. (realised in the stages 1 to 9 of the GIE® Water Activation Technology).

3. Effective protection of the equipment on its inside against electro-smog:
Without such protection the frequencies to be transmitted to the water imprinted on a substrate (water, quartz, sand) become appreciably ineffective due to spurious frequencies.
-> This goal can be achieved the following ways:
A screen is formed against effects of electro-smog by very fine materials (stone flour and quartz crystals with different granulation mean that there is a different natural oscillation). This material combination - closely packed around the functional part of the water activation device - is able to reliably break the frequencies of electromagnetic interfering radiation to a speed of zero and thus make them ineffective.
-> This is realised in stage 12 of the GIE® Water Activation Technology.

Extreme Turbulation:

By application of extreme Turbulation within 9 principles of function .... :

a) Turbulation by Rotation after V.Schauberger
b) Turbulation by Pressure/ Suction Zones
c) Turbulation on the basis of Permanent Magnets:

Turbulation caused by magnetically achieved northern oriented polarity of the water molecules with sudden change of spin-orientation (system Dr. Patrick Flanagan)
  -> Change of spin-orientation after Dr. Patrick Flanagan
-> Ionisation
-> Alteration of the water's lime-structure
-> Génération des champs électromagnétiques forts avec différents vecteurs de champ
Generation of strong electro-magnetic fields with different field-vectors

Turbulation of water caused by Rotation after V.Schauberger
Turbulation by Pressure/ Suction Zones
Turbulation on the basis of Permanent Magnets

.... an efficient break-up of the big water molecule cluster into Micro Cluster is achieved:

(see also diagram: activated/ structured water - Input phase)

Frequency Transmission

By application of Transmission of Frequencies with 2 principles of function .... :

1. Transmission of the information of about 9.995 natural materialistic frequencies.
2. Transmission of the information of numerous natural immaterialistic frequencies as there are red sky, sunset glow, midday sunlight, full moon light, Schumann-frequency of the earth's pulsation, planet's frequencies, white noise and other natural frequencies.

... water is transposed from a micro clustered into a crystalline structure:

(see also diagram: activated/ structured water - Output-Phase).

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