Proceeding GmbH - Mission Statement:

1. We are innovative and promote each kind of innovation.

2. We do not believe in anything that we have not examined and rationally and spiritually understood.

3. We are, however, open to examine everything presented to us in detail within our management team.

4. All products recommended and offered by us:
- Went through a detailed rational and spiritual examination.
- Must be sustainable.

5. We commit ourselves to common profit:
- The profit of our esteemed customers, who receive from us high-standing know-how, products and services.
- Our own business profit, without which we are not in a position to offer to our customers the above-mentioned know-how, products and services.

6. We commit ourselves to make our products and services available to as many people as possible.
Innovative, non-monetary, performance enhancing based instruments/approaches are used to achieve this commitment.

7. We commit ourselves to constantly extend our knowledge and to pass it on to our customers.


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