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DevaJal® Water Vortex
Ojas Mobile Phone-Chip
TiziCalor Fuel Saver
Birdy Foldable Bike
Sound Systems according to R.Mechow
Mats according to R. Wiggenhauser
Ismakogie - Seminare
Book: Ismakogie
Book: "A century of war"
DVD: "What the bleep we do we (k)now ?"

from Mara Gaillard
Orgonite generators due to Wilhelm Reich (orgonite is the basic energy of all life) More...
- Ref.Nr.: 101
- Order via Proceeding Ltd.
- Completion, dispatchment and payment directly via Mara Gaillard.
- Price without VAT.
97.00 EUR

from Marco Della Casa
High performance Orgon generators for dissolution of Chemtrails. More...
- Ref.Nr.: 102
- Contact via Proceeding Ltd.
- Completion, dispatch and payment directly over Marco Della Casa

DevaJal® Water Vortex
after Viktor Schauberger
Simple, efficient and very economic water energizer. More...
- Ref.Nr.: 103
- Order including dispatchment and payment via: www.devajal.de
- Price:
12.00 EUR

Ojas Handy Chip
Effective harmonization of mobile phone radiation (damaging effect is based on chaotically influencing frequency spectrum) More...
- Ref.Nr.: 104
- Order including dispatchment and payment via Proceeding Ltd.
- Price without VAT and transportation costs.
25.00 EUR

Tizi Calor
Magneto physical fuel conditioning for all gasoline and diesel engines with fuel savings of between 10 and 18% and the reduction of exhaust gas values. More...
- Ref.Nr.: 105
- Order including dispatchment and payment via Proceeding Ltd.
- Price without VAT and transportation costs.
CHF 91.-


The ultimate foldable bike. More...
- Ref.Nr.: 106
- Contact via Proceeding Ltd.
- Inspection and sales directly through the respective sales agent.
- Price including VAT.
From: 1149.00 EUR

Sound systems
after R.Mechow
Experience music and sound like you never did before.
Only disadvantage: bad records will be uncovered with no mercy ...
- Ref.Nr.: 107
- Order via Proceeding GmbH
- Completion, dispatch and payment directly via Pro Bios Ltd.
- Price without VAT and transport

due to R. Wiggenhauser
For over 30 years efficient, scientifically proved protection against radiation of all kinds (earth radiation, electro-smog, etc..)
- Ref.Nr.: 108
- Order, completion, dispatchment and payment via Proceeding Ltd.
- Price without VAT.

due to Dr. med. Martha Podleschak
Unique theory over body-contoured sitting, standing and walking. Dr. Martha Podleschak, is 80 years old and just as agile as she was at the age of 20, was not far away from being confined to a wheelchair at the age of 55. Applying the principle of Ismakogie on herself, she gained back her own health. Her book is very informative - the seminars of Dr. Podleschak at the Wolfgangsee, Austria, are highly recommendable.
- Ref.Nr.: 109
- Contact via Proceeding Ltd.

Dr. med. Martha Podleschak: Ismakogie
- Ref.Nr.: 110
- Order including dispatchment and payment via Proceeding Ltd.
- Price excluding VAT and transportation costs.
30.00 EUR


F. W. Engdahl: A Century of War
Our comment:
A must in these currently volatile times - this will change your historical perspective completely!

What the Bleep Do We (K)now?!
Our comment:
Can change your consciousness and your perception - our absolute recommendation!
In a mixture of documentary -, trick and feature movie, up-to-date knowledge of quantum physics, psychology and neuron research is represented as well as very descriptive as memorable.
Quotation: "I won't tell you, because you are old enough to decide yourself"
(Answer of the experiment to the question of a quantum physicist about reality)

Single DVD (German/English)
Quantum 5-Disc Set (English)


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