GIE® Water Activators can be installed very easy:

Fix Installation:
To be installed after the water meter because the entire house/building can be served with hot and cold water. The fixed installation is described in detail in the following.

Under the Chapter "Downloads" you have this Installation Instruction also as a pdf document at your disposal.

Installation samples:

Fixed Installation:
The GIE® Water Activator installed underneath the water tap with the connections pointing downwards (to prevent condensation water).

Installation after the water meter.

Installations are possible in a diagonal position. However, all connections must always face downwards.

Installation instructions:

1. Cut out a piece of 30 to 50 cm length from the water conduit after the water meter.

2. Connection of the seals and, if necessary, the reductions at the water conduit.

3. Connection of the flexible armoured hoses at the entrance and exit of the activator as well as at both ends of the cut water conduit. The nuts and bolts do not have to be tightened. Pay attention to the correct connection of entrance (”Eingang”) and exit (”Ausgang”)! The connections must always point downwards.

4. Now fix the holders at the wall (they are supposed to support the activator).

5. Fix the activator into the holders without exerting pressure on the covers above and below the activator.

6. After the activator has been fixed, tighten the nuts and bolts of the armoured hoses carefully (to avoid the risk of damage), holding on to the lock nut with a spanner.

Important Note :

The following rules are to be respected, since neglecting them can crucially impair the function of the appliance:

• Minimal distance of at least 50 cm to wires carrying the current.
• Minimal distance of at least 150 cm to the current junction box.
• A metal cover respectively metal sheath over the activator is to be prevented!


(1) Flexible armoured hoses.
(2) Holders.
(3) Screws.
(4) Pegs.
(5) Seals.


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