Product Range of the
GIE® Water Activation Technology


The model spectrum currently ranges from water flow rates of approximately 1800 litres/hour (model « 3000» for mainly private use) up to 30'000 litres/ hour (model
« 9000» for industrial applications).

This means that for the smallest available model « 3000» over 44 m3 activated water per day with which private needs are more than sufficiently covered. Smaller sizes turned out to be ineffective. The basic « 3000» model weighs only 12 Kg and owing to its excellent performance it can still be taken on holiday.

But 44 m3 water production per day is usually sufficient for many professional applications. Talk to us - we will study your individual needs and compile the optimal solution for you.

In the following the photographs will give you a first impression of the concrete models.
A General Overview > gives you an overview of the Technical Specifications and application areas of the individual devices.









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