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- Beauty and body care ... ->
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Human body:

Drinking GIE® Water:
Recommended amount: 2 - 3 litres per day (there's no upper limit)

- Digestion:
Substantially improved excretion capabilities. At the beginning of application gastro spasms and diarrhea may possibly occur (this can last for up to 2 weeks). These symptoms can be best treated with an increased quantity of GIE® water (in order to rinse out the poisonous materials):
- Salient reduction of pollutants in the body - see the scientific study:
Flushing out of 25 heavy metals in urine by GIE Water
- Strong reduction of nocturnal snoring due to increased oxygen content in the blood.
- Increased vitality in general.

Taking baths in GIE® Water:
Recommendation: 2 - 3 times per week

Consequences: See "Beauty and body care"

Beauty and body care:

Bathing in GIE® Water:
The bath water holds its temperature for at least 45 minutes (which contrasts with conventional tap water where already after 20 minutes hot water must be added to retain the temperature at what it was initially).


The skin absorbs ("soaks in") the water truly after having a bath or shower in GIE® Water.

The humidity of the skin is clearly improved.
Here the following is applicable: the more contact the skin has with GIE® Water the better the results.

Using GIE® Water results in clearly less shampoo being needed (due to reduced water hardness).
Hair loss is clearly reduced (due to improved humidity of the scalp).

Dental care:

Tartar is clearly reduced.
In particular when using GIE® Water in combination with Himalaya Crystal Salt as brine, outstanding results in teeth hygiene are obtained (this has been confirmed by dentists).


The cooking time of vegetables, rice, potatoes and meat in GIE® Water is shortened by a third.
The time of boiling GIE® Water is substantially shortened.
Substantial richer taste of meals prepared with GIE® Water and beverages.

Food left in GIE® Water for 15 minutes or longer gains substantially in freshness and energy.


Car cleaning:
1 bucket of water is sufficient for the cleaning of the whole car.

Cleaning of glasses:
Outstanding cleaning results with GIE® Water are obtained. Fine scratches disappear.

GIE® Water has a substantially reduced surface tension. This fact produces an increased cleaning power.

Capacity of heat accumulation and retention:

The capacity of heat accumulation and retention is clearly increased.
Application: GIE® Water in the heating cycle.
Circulating water in the heating cycle remains clear (on the contrary to conventional water which contains rust particles within the shortest period - therefore possessing less heat transfer capability).

Limestone behaviour:

Water pipes:
- Strong reduction of destructive effects of limestone in water pipes.
- Strong reduction of maintenance (water pipes, boilers, washing machines, etc.) and operation costs (e.g. less cleaning agents).

- Additionally, sewers become clearly cleaner.


Boilers clearly calcify less. In most cases lime now appears as a kind of fine sand and can be easily removed during maintenance. With very high water hardness short term lime deposits can be formed which then occasionally fall off.

Water heater:

Similar behaviour as in the case of the boiler. Also, existing hard lime layers dissolve already after about 2 weeks use of GIE® Water. As they now appear as a kind of soft paste they can be easily removed with a sponge. Hard lime layers no longer form. However, paste-like lime may continue to appear with very hard water and this can be removed without any problems.
For illustration here further photos of a water heater with 34º French hardness :
Photos Limestone Behaviour Water Heater

Coffee machine:

Calcification is clearly reduced due to the effects described under boiler/water heaters.
The taste of the coffee is clearly improved - in particular both acid as well as bitterness are taken away from the coffee.

Whirlpools / Luxury showers:
Clearly reduced calcification.

Washing machine:

Clearly reduced calcification - in particular the heating element. Clearly decreased detergent consumption.
Explanation: Detergent softens the water. The softer the water the better its washing power.
GIE® Water behaves in a soft manner. Consequence: Less detergent is required.

Dish washer:
The requirement for chemical additives to reduce limestone is substantially reduced.

Animals and plants:

- Animals:

Animals appear to prefer GIE® Water given the choice between usual tap water and GIE® Water.


a cow should drink: 100 litres per day
Reality (with non-activated water): 50 litres a day (only)
With GIE® Water: 100 litres a day again

In addition to the above mentioned facts:
Milk tastes today as it did 50 years ago.

- Plants:

After purchase similar effects as with humans occur i.e. homeopathic degradation lasts for approximately three days.
Afterwards the plants are blossoming with a clearly extended bloom time.
Clearly better growth and longer lifetime of plants watered with GIE® Water.



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